The NAVAL FIRE FIGHTING TRAINING and EDUCATION SYSTEM (NAFTES) is a holistic framework for the training of crew and officers in simulated fire conditions in representative ship engineering compartments. NAFTES assumes three different facets structured around the Fire Fighting Simulator (FFS) and Crew Evacuation Simulator (Damage Control School) of the Naval Training Command of the Hellenic Navy. The FFS, a central component in the Damage Control School, has been in operation since 2006 and adopts a conventional training workflow which will be radicalized through NAFTES. The Hellenic Navy (participating organization in NAFTES through the Hellenic Ministry of Defense, HMOD) intends to broaden the use and extend the scope of this unique training platform to commercial shipping companies from all around the globe. Therefore, NAFTES is considered of paramount importance to the Greek shipping industry, one of the most important sectors of the Greek economy which currently undergoes a serious crisis.


Third Multiplier Event in Athens

On 28th November the third, and last, NAFTES Multiplier Event was held in Athens. The event aimed at informing people about the project, as well as showing the capabilities of the training platform and its applications. Personnel from the organization and representatives of external authorities and companies have been able to get acquainted with the functionalities… Continue reading…

Second Multiplier Event in Catania

NAFTES 2nd Multiplier Event was taken place in Catania, May 2018

4th Transnational Meeting

NAFTES 4th Transnational Meeting was taken place in Catania, May 2018.

5 days Training Activity in Athens

A five days Training Activity (15 – 19 October 2018) based on NAFTES Advanced Firefighting Training at Hellenic Naval Education Command T.C. Palaskas Damage Control School.

NAFTES AR applications

A significant component of the NAFTES training is represented by the Augmented Reality applications, used to provide a more realistic simulated experience. During the training phases, crew members will be able to visualise objects, information, animations or videos, and perform tests, directly on the Hololens lens. Hololens have been chosen as the main Augmented Reality… Continue reading…


NAFTES AR Applications

NAFTES Project introduces Augmented Reality (AR) Technology into firefighting training. AR has been one of the most promising tools for vocational training the last few years and can be used as a tool for acquiring knowledge, motivating and encouraging trainees. NAFTES Project has design and developed 3 AR application for mobile devices and Hololens glasses.

NAFTES Mobile Application

The NAFTES eTraining mobile application is a fully functional mobile learning environment that provides access to all project’s outputs, Basic and Advanced Fire Fighting Training and NAFTES Digital Library. Download NAFTES mobile application from Google Play Store.

Digital Library

The NAFTES Digital Library is an online repository that contains more than 100 educational materials for firefighting training of various content type (best practices, educational modules, guidelines, scenarios, videos, images, presentations, etc) in English, Greek and Italian. It’s available at the link: Digital Library

Etraining platform

The NAFTES eTraining platform is a fully functional personalized learning environment that provides a holistic, both theoretic and hands on, firefighting training approach. It contains the Basic and Advanced NAFTES Firefighting Training, the NAFTES Digital Library the NAFTES eTraining mobile App and the NAFTES AR application for both mobile devices and Hololens AR glasses and… Continue reading…

Training Results Conference in Erasmus Plus

NAFTES project was presented in Hellenic Navy conference on Tuesday, June 19, 2018. It was taken place in training center ‘ΠΑΛΑΣΚΑΣ’ in the presence of Naval Education Commander rear Admiral E. Mikrou.