Multiplier events

In each country of the partnership, dissemination workshops for people working in the respective domain will be held. Specifically, the following multiplier events will be organized by the project partners:
E1 – Workshop in Greece
E2 – Workshop in Cyprus
E3 – Workshop in Italy


Workshops aim to present and train professionals on the NAFTES platform in order to reveal its strengths in real applications. Mainly, the training events will involve the core platform involving the NAFTES toolbox as well as the online platform and the AR application. NAFTES Workshops are five day events where the professionals in the field will have the opportunity to interact with the NAFTES software and through the provided interfaces to study and absorb the offered material. The aim is to efficiently train the professionals in the effective execution of fire-fighting and/or evacuation drills. The interesting is that NAFTES will offer training material adapted to the needs of the trainees in terms of the ranking of each trainee (e.g., more elaborate versions of the AR applications will be provided to the leaders of the trainee groups or instructors) or the country under consideration. The scenarios adopted in the Workshops will be adapted to the aforementioned needs and will cover complex situations in order to set the basis for a multidimensional training of the involved professionals.


Target groups: Commercial/military ship crews and, with proper adjustment, virtually any kind of engineering premises prompt to risk of fire.