Intellectual outputs

O1 – User needs report
This output will include the whole range of user needs for the final NAFTES product. The deliverable will cover not only the requirements for the NAFTES online training platform and the AR training system but also the requirements for the production of the educational material (topics, course structure, assessment). The deliverable will specify in full detail the planned pilot for NAFTES (duration, structure, material to be used) together with the validation criteria for the pilot and the project as a whole. The deliverable will also investigate the needs for the integration of the NAFTES online platform in the FFS (NTC). The report will include analysis and discussions on the current state of art, good practices, pedagogical approaches, and the needs of the target groups.


O2 – Fire fighting toolbox
This output will include the material which will be developed in the context of the NAFTES project for the online training platform (primarily for the Introductory Training phase, (IT). Additionally, the toolbox will integrate the side (multimedia) material which will be used in the theoretical training (THT) phase. The preparation of such material will be based on advanced editing and content preparation tools which deliver interactive, media-rich online courses deployable in the online platform.


O3 – Online platform and Augmented Reality application
This output includes the software which will be customized or developed for the needs of the NAFTES project. Specifically, the deliverable will include the modified online training platform (which, apart from the actual content delivery in the IT phase, will support through specific interfaces the needs of the HOT phase and the operation of the AR devices) and the context-sensitive AR applications. This output refers to the development of a web portal that will facilitate all the processes required for the remote training of firefighters as well as the development of an augmented reality application for on-site training of specialized personnel.


O4 – Validation report
This report covers the validation aspect of the project and the pilot testing of the NAFTES product. The full range of project activities will be assessed throughout the deliverable in relation to the established project performance indicators (PPI). Project related risks and the efficiency of their mitigation approaches will be reflected in the documentation. Lastly, the pilot application of the NAFTES platform will be assessed through pre-specified criteria by the involved partners (HMOD, DANAOS, IES) and engaged trainees. Assessment will be performed through online questionnaires and hosting platforms. This report will also include a summary of the end-user feedback (i.e., online platform users, trainees) regarding the project success. Detailed description of the steps to be followed to overcome possible difficulties and problems will be part of this document.


O5 – Final project report
This is the final NAFTES report where all the project activities will be documented in detail. The design of the platform and AR applications will be integrated in the deliverable to indicate the extent of technical work and serve as a reference for future enhancements -extensions. All the project dissemination activities (multiplier events, www site, presentations in events/conferences) will also be listed. Lastly, the deliverable will include a sustainability part where the intentions of future NAFTES exploitation will be recorded and analyzed by the involved partners. The document will also form a summary of the project results and will include additional information on the insights achieved regarding best practices for trainers and trainees. Guidelines for professional training as well as a thorough description of the lessons learned throughout the project lifetime will be part of the document.

06 – Etraining Platform
You can have access to ETraining platform by clicking on the following link

Also you can download Etraining mobile app from Google Playstore.