Greek Universities Network (GUNET)

The non-profit civil company called "ACADEMIC NETWORK" (GUnet) was founded in September 12th 2000. GUnet has its central office in Athens and its members are all the Higher Education and Academic Institutions (20 Universities and 16 ATEI). Given that all the institutions of higher education created the non-profit civil company GUnet, the latter has the ability to rely on and use the experience and the know-how of Network Operations Centers (NOC) of all institutions. These centers have successfully implemented in the past a significant number of projects, supplies and studies, while they actively participate in the processes regarding the determination and implementation of the GUnet's actions and tasks. GUnet provides e-learning services to its members (Higher Education and Academic Institutions) and its project partners through its Center for e-learning and Multimedia (, and the learning management system OPENeCLASS (
Project activities
The main role of GUnet in the project will be the design, implementation and support of the e-learning related services and the IT support in general. GUnet offers a national support network for e‐teaching services and infrastructure in higher education (HE) by exploiting its own open‐source asynchronous e‐learning platform, referred to as e‐Class (, and the Support Center for e‐learning and media production ( Provided services include:
  • Content provision over the Internet and management of the teaching material through use of the e‐Class platform and Video on Demand servers;
  • Video production and processing by using GU‐MediaCenter as studio for recording lectures and teaching material;
  • Technical consulting and training.

Hellenic Ministry of Defence (HMoD) Hellenic Ministry of Defence (HMoD)

Hellenic Ministry of Defence (HMOD) ( applies the Government’s National Defence Policy. HMOD implements interventions focusing on the facilitation of the interaction with citizens like the digitalization of recruitment archives and services, the generation of digital charts and weather reports, and also incorporates departments and units that address social issues like public protection, crisis managements, search and rescue (SAR) operations, humanitarian aid and social and environmental research. Therefore, HMOD incarnates a very important social role in everyday life of Greek citizens and people. Navy Lighthouses’ Service, Hellenic National Meteorological Service, Hellenic Military Geographical Service are some examples that prove the aforementioned interventions. HMOD representation within NAFTES will be handled through the Department for the Management of European and Development Projects (DEMDP) ( DEMDP is responsible for the coordination of actions pertaining to the development and submission of proposals on monitoring, control and general administration of the sum of projects carried by the HMOD with external funding (e.g. EU Structural funds, PPP, FP7, H2020, etc.).
Project activities
The HMOD/Hellenic Navy operates the Damage Control School (DCS) within the Naval Training Command premises in the Naval Fortress of Skaramagka. the DCS integrates two very important training assets: the Fire Fighting Simulator (FFS) and the Crew Evacuation Simulator (CES). the mission of DCS is to cover the theoretical and practical formation and training, mainly for the onboard personnel, so as they will be prepared to accomplish firefighting activities onboard ships, on port or underway. The CES (or Smoke Simulator) has been commissioned on 2004, manufactured in the UK by PENNMAN  ENGINEERING. The training scenarios feasible within the CES are: Search & Rescue, First Aids, Emergency Escape and the use of positive pressure breathing apparatus & escape breathing devices. in the FFS, the following training scenarios are possible: Initial Response, Fire Fighting techniques, Use of breathing apparatus, Search & Rescue, Re-entry techniques and Advanced Fire Fighting. FFS includes an engine room, an electricity generating plant and interior corridor, a mess room, a galley and a radar room. the FFS is fully equipped with a number of burners, smoke generators, propane sensors, supply and exhaust fans. the simulated fires are solid fuel fires, liquid fuel fires and electric fires. the FFS control system allows: Variable lighting conditions, Sound and visual effects  (strobe), Variable fan intensity, emergency SHUT DOWN, Safety evacuation doors and Integrated parametric control of the facility. this combined facility is manned by highly experienced officers that initiate, perform and assess the DCS training sessions.

Danaos Shipping Ltd (Danaos) Danaos Shipping Ltd (Danaos)

Danaos Shipping is the ships manager of Danaos Corporation a leading international owner of 65 containerships. DANAOS charters containerships to a geographically diverse group of liner companies, including most of the largest ones globally. DANAOS has established its reputation by providing first class operation service to many of the world's major liner companies. With a large containership fleet, Danaos Corporation is well established in the shipping industry. Indeed, since the 1980s, strategy has consistently focused on this sector where the company enjoys a significant competitive advantage. The Danaos fleet boasts modern, high-quality vessels. Many of our containerships were built in the last five years, using the latest in design innovations, and all enjoy a reputation for safety and reliability in the industry. Danaos is set to capitalize on growth opportunities in the container shipping industry, with a number of competitive strengths:
  • Long-standing relationships with leading liner companies;
  • Cash flow stability through multi-year charters;
  • Reputation for operational excellence and technological leadership;
  • Strong financial results and flexibility.
Project activities
Danaos is involved in bona fide and applied research focused on training, safety, energy efficiency, operational research. Currently is participating in7 EU FP7 and 3 National projects. Danaos utlizes a NAUTIS DNV CLASS A FMB simulator and has a long experience in development of CBT.

Intelligence for Security and Environment Solutions (IES) Intelligence for Security and Environment Solutions (IES)

IES Intelligence for Environment & Security – IES Solutions (IES) is an Italian SME, based in Roma, Catania and Oxford. IES is an ICT developer and provider of services and technologies for the Environment and for the Safety and Security of people.
Project activities
IES has been working in 14 EC-funded projects since 2004, particularly in the projects REFIRE (indoor location), REACT, SAVEME, IDIRA (all involving Fire Brigades and user training). For the project SAVEME, IES developed training curricula for the evacuation from indoor spaces (tunnels and underground stations). IES is currently working in the FP7 projects EPISECC and EMERGENT, and in the H2020 project RAWFIE. It is member of the assiociations EENA and PSCE, as well regular participants to the meetings of the FEU (Federation of the European Union Fire Officer Associations).